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Kyle Waugh, AIF®

Kyle followed his father’s path into Agora Wealth Management in 2003. He loves the idea of working in a family business, and making clients a natural extension of their family. Kyle believes this happens as a result of the Agora approach: meeting people where they are, regardless of their position in life, or the amount of assets they possess.

What makes Agora, and Kyle, different from other financial advisors is that they have no criteria for individuals, or businesses to meet in order to access Agora’s services. Their philosophy is simple, that all people need financial education. Kyle would like to be their avenue to a more informed financial future.

Kyle, who considers clients friends and “a generous addition to his life,” says that work doesn’t feel like work to him. Like his family around him, he values working with people from all arenas, hearing their stories and helping them overcome financial hurdles to meet their goals and accomplish their dreams.

Kyle is personable, but make no mistake: his work with clients is highly focused and productive. His ability to see potential, even where others do not, allows him to identify solutions in more than one way for more than one circumstance. His passion to accomplish what he sets out to do benefits clients, as Kyle leaves no stone unturned.

He loves fabricating/creating anything and everything, staying active, and embarking on new adventures(the bigger the better). When they’re not working around the house, Kyle and Justus are typically on a new adventure wherever that may take them. #chasingthedream